1. One For Groove
    Jan Korinek
  2. Gospel Feelin'
    Jan Korinek
  3. Funky Griff
    Jan Korinek
  4. The Hustler
    Stanley Turrentine
  5. A Fool For You
    Ray Charles
  6. Groovin' For Little V
    Jan Korinek
  7. Green Granted
    Jan Korinek
  8. Trouble In Mind
  9. Fire Eater
  10. It's Your Thing
  11. Lew's Piece
  12. Scream
Groovin' For Little V
Recording Date:Monday, June 04, 2007
Recording Engineer:
Recording Location:

Libus Studios, Prague, The Czech Republic

Catalogue Number:HBR33005
  • Jan Kořínek Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes
  • Jiri Hokes Guitar
  • Martin Novak Drums (tracks 1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12)
  • Martin Kopriva Drums (tracks 5,6,7,8)


  • Rostislav Fras Tenor Saxophone (track 1)
  • Bedrich Smarda Tenor Saxophone (tracks 9,10,11,12)
  • Miroslav Hloucal Trumpet (tracks 9,10,11,12)

Here's a challenge for you: All you need to complete it is this album, a decent sound system, and a chair. Now put the CD in the cradle, turn up the volume, and press play; the challenge is not to tap your feet, click your fingers, or get up from the chair and dance. If you get through the first number without moving, then you're pretty tough; the second, well, that would be even more impressive; but if you get through the third, then call a doctor - you might be dead! 

I doubt if there's ever been a more apt name for a band than Jan Kořínek's group, Groove. This Czech organ trio must be one of the grooviest little units on the planet, as this album - their debut on Hard Bop Records - clearly demonstrates. No matter what kind of groove, whether it be swing (One For Groove, The Hustler, Green Granted), straight down the line funk (Funky Griff, Groovin' For Little V, Fire Eater, It's Your Thing), or slow ballad tempos (A Fool For You, Trouble In Mind), the band hit it, and don't miss a beat. Add to that some stimulating guest spots from saxophonists Rostislav Fras and Bedrich Smarda, as well as the trumpet stylings of Miroslav Hloucal, and you have yourself a special album indeed. By the way, if you get to the last track without moving, call an undertaker!